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Intelligent education is educational informatization, which refers to the process of comprehensively and deeply using modern information technology to promote the reform and development of education in the field of Education (education management, education teaching and Education Research). Its technical features are digitalization, networking, intelligence and multimedia, and its basic features are openness, sharing, interaction, collaboration and ubiquity. We should promote the modernization of education with information technology and change the traditional mode with information technology. New cloud Mini industrial control host

Intelligent education is a new education form and mode based on the Internet of things, cloud computing, wireless communication and other new generation of information technology. The intelligent teaching mode is the core component of the whole intelligent education system.

Education informatization will be displayed on the education cloud platform in the future. With the development and application of education informatization platform, according to the 12th Five Year Plan of the Ministry of education, education informatization will upgrade the education informatization for the existing education network and campus network. The new generation of education network is bound to become the foundation of future education informatization. The quality education cloud platform of Asian education network is the realization of three networks in one in China Education cloud platform, realizing the cross platform use of Internet, telecommunication network, radio and television network, and supporting the whole network coverage of China Unicom, telecommunication and mobile via SMS.

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