Medical equipment

Digital medicine is not only a simple collection of digital medical equipment, but also a new modern medical method that applies modern computer technology and information technology to the whole medical process. In the digital medical treatment, patients can complete the treatment with the least process, the accuracy rate of doctors' diagnosis is greatly improved, the patient medical record information files record all the current and historical patient health information, which can greatly facilitate doctors' diagnosis and patient self-examination, truly realize the patient comprehensive data call required by the remote clinic, and realize the fast and effective service. There is another one in the digital medical treatment A great advantage is that it can realize the resource sharing between medical equipment and medical experts. For medical institutions, the database with perfect health information is more authoritative. The establishment of health information system can greatly improve competitiveness

[digitalization of medical equipment]

The digitization of medical treatment, first of all, is the digitization of medical equipment, which is the basis of digital medical treatment. The so-called digital medical equipment, that is, the process of data acquisition, processing, storage and transmission, is based on computer technology. Medical equipment working under computer software has gradually replaced conventional equipment and become the mainstream of clinical equipment. Digital medical equipment can store, process and transmit the collected information.

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