self-service terminals

With the continuous improvement of global integration, informatization and industry service efficiency, self-service terminal services have expanded rapidly from banking to telecommunications, power, medical, aviation, library, retail and other industries and fields.

In our daily life and study, we all have the experience of the library in the past, so what kind of computers can we see when we go to the library to independently query the number, location and return of books? What's the difference with the computer we usually use? What are its advantages?

With the rapid development of computer system and the impact of information technology on the society, the traditional management and service mode of library can no longer meet the increasing demand of readers for literature information. To realize the automation of library management and serve the readers is the only way for the future development of library. In recent years, the development of modern science and technology has provided necessary technical conditions for the intelligent road of Library and community reading room. Various advanced technologies have entered every link of Library and community library. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources, improves working efficiency, and provides guarantee for modern library and community library. Among them, the most external performance of Library Intelligence is its self-service book return system.

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