industrial automation

Industrial automation is a trend that automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production. Under the condition of industrial production automation, people only indirectly take care of and supervise the production of machines.

According to the statistics of international authoritative consulting institutions, the output ratio of automation system input and enterprise efficiency is about 1:4 to 1:6. Especially in capital intensive enterprises, the automation system accounts for less than 10% of the total investment in equipment, which plays the role of 'four or two funds'. The traditional industrial automation system, i.e. mechatronics system, mainly controls the equipment and production process, that is, it is composed of mechanical body, power part, test sensing part, actuator, driving part, control and signal processing unit, interface and other hardware elements, which are coordinated, organically integrated and integrated under the guidance of purposeful information flow of software program and electronic circuit logic To form an orderly and regular movement of matter and energy, thus forming an industrial automation system or product.

In the field of industrial automation, the traditional control system has experienced the development process of base pneumatic instrument control system, electric unit combined analog instrument control system, centralized digital control system and distributed control system DCS.

With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other technologies, the field of information interaction and communication is rapidly covering from the field equipment level to the control and management level. Industrial control system generally refers to the general term of automatic technical tools (including automatic measuring instruments and control devices) for measuring and controlling industrial production process, mechanical and electrical equipment and process equipment. Today, the simplest understanding of automation is also transformed into: replacing or surpassing human's physical strength partially or completely with machines (including computers) in a broad sense.

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