Security monitoring

The security monitoring system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signal in its closed loop, and forms an independent and complete system from camera to image display and recording. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, vividly and truly. It not only greatly extends the observation distance of the human eye, but also expands the function of the human eye. It can replace the human to monitor for a long time in the bad environment, so that people can see all the actual situations of the monitored scene, and record them through the video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment alarms the illegal intrusion, and the generated alarm signal is input to the alarm host, which triggers the monitoring system to record and record.

Intelligent visitors have strict access registration units for government agencies, troops, prisons, enterprises, media, schools, communities, office buildings, etc. they automatically register visitors in and out, which can realize CCR identification, second-generation ID card reading, visitor information printing, appointment processing, check-in and check-out management, black and white list management, visitor data retrieval, visitor data statistics and other functions.

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