2019-11 04 industrial computer without fan, do you know?

Fanless industrial computer (embedded industrial computer, low-power industrial computer) is an enhanced industrial computer, which can be used as an industrial controller to operate reliably in industrial environment. So, do you know how to send a fan free industrial computer?

I. what is fanless industrial computer?

The popular saying of fanless industrial computer is a small computer designed for the industrial field. Fanless IPC can be used flexibly in harsh environment, such as temperature and space, including vehicle, medical, retail, monitoring, electronic billboard, factory control and other low-power systems in application market.



II. Features of fanless industrial computer

1. Adopt all metal industrial chassis meeting the standard of 'environmental impact assessment' to improve its ability of anti electromagnetic interference.

2. There is no fan in the chassis, and the heat dissipation of the shell greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.

3. Equipped with highly reliable industrial power supply, with over-voltage and over-current protection

4. It has the function of self diagnosis.

5. There is a 'watchdog' timer, which will reset automatically without human intervention when the machine crashes due to failure.

6. Facilitate the organization and operation of multiple tasks.

7. Small volume, thin volume, light weight, saving working space.

8. There are many installation methods, such as rail installation, wall mounted installation and desktop installation.


III. Influence of industrial computer without fan

A new round of huge demand for intelligent devices in automobile, communication, information and electrical, medical, military and other industries has led to the development of fanless industrial computers and systems. Different from the traditional industrial control computer, fanless industrial control computer is oriented to specific application fields, customized according to application requirements, and infiltrates the general requirements of intelligent products into various industries.

With the continuous innovation of hardware technology, the processing capacity of hardware platform is constantly improved, and the cost of hardware is constantly reduced. The fanless industrial computer has become the key and driving technology of digital transformation and product intelligent value-added. Now, do you know about fanless industrial computer? If you want to know more detailed information about industrial computer products, you can call Shenzhen dispatching industrial computer manufacturer.

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