How to install industrial computer graphics card

Discrete graphics card is a kind of graphics card that exists as an independent card. It needs to be inserted into the corresponding interface of the industrial control board. The independent graphics card has independent video memory and does not occupy the system memory. It is superior to the integrated graphics card in technology and can provide better display effect and performance. As an important part of industrial computer host, video card is very important for people who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design. How to install the industrial computer graphics card

E16x bus interface is adopted for all main graphics cards, and its efficient data transmission ability can alleviate the bottleneck of graphics data transmission. Therefore, the video card slots on the main board have been updated. These slots are located approximately in the center of the system board and are longer than the other slots. In addition, some motherboards will provide two slots.


The slot is usually divided into two parts of different lengths by the raised partition. There is a corresponding slot in the middle of the slot card. In the case of complete tool free, the fixed installation of the expansion card position is also designed as tool free clamping design. When installing a graphics card, remove the bezel on the back of the card. Next, align the gold finger slot on the card with the raised partition on the slot, and then gently press the card to fully insert the gold finger into the card slot.

Then, align the positioning hole on the graphics card baffle with the screw hole on the chassis, and fix the graphics card with the long tooth screw. After tightening the screw, the installation of the graphics card is completed. Using the same method, you can install sound card, network card and other board devices. In addition, since the common motherboard in the market now integrates sound card, network card and other devices, it is not necessary to install a separate sound card or network card for the computer.

Our normal video card is also an independent video card and an integrated video card. How to distinguish them is actually very simple. As long as you plug in the independent graphics card, the integrated graphics card will automatically shield, and both cannot work normally at the same time. In fact, to know which card you are using is very simple, you only need to check the display data line interface. If it is connected to the set display (vertical), set the display operation, if it is connected to the display (horizontal), set the display operation.

Generally speaking, as long as a separate graphics card is inserted, if the display is still connected to the integrated graphics card, the industrial computer will not display the image, because the display has stopped working. Now you know how to install the industrial computer graphics card!

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