The maintenance and debugging steps of the industrial computer will cause the board to work abnormal

The maintenance and debugging steps of IPC will cause the board to work abnormally. Therefore, care must be taken when replacing veneers. Before working, please make sure that you have worn a grounding wrist strap and the wrist strap has been directly grounded to ensure that the human body is at zero potential, so as to prevent static electricity from damaging the circuit board. If there is no grounding wrist strap, the metal shell of the inverter can be touched when replacing the single board, so that the static electricity of the human body can be discharged through the inverter shell. It should be placed in a bag containing antistatic material.

A method of simply testing components during maintenance, using a multimeter to detect the quality of electronic components based on fault conditions. If the measurement method is not correct, it may lead to misjudgment, bring difficulties to the maintenance work, and even cause unnecessary economic losses. There are two methods of measurement: component test and circuit board test. In the road test: disconnect the inverter power supply and measure the components on the circuit board without removing the circuit board components. For component fault, short circuit, open circuit fault.


Abnormal driving signal, current detection circuit fault, etc. In this case, the inverter must be repaired in time to avoid expanding the fault range. After power on, the inverter displays normal, but the over-current fault is reported immediately after operation. The maintenance of the inverter is mainly caused by the load motor driven by the external driver and the mechanical drive mechanism stuck.

In this case, it is forbidden to use the inverter to test the machine without troubleshooting. Otherwise, the problem of peripheral equipment will not be solved! The inverter is normal at the beginning of startup, but over-current is reported during acceleration. The main reason is that the acceleration time of the frequency converter is set too short, the rated current of the motor is set as the actual fault, and the torque compensation (U / F) is set higher. Therefore, the maintenance of inverter is various.

(1) the integrated circuit is damaged. This is an IC integrated circuit which integrates the driver waveform conversion and multiple detection signals. It has multiple signals associated with the CPU board. In many cases of inverter maintenance, any signal of the integrated circuit has problems. Both of them may cause E6 and E7 alarms;

(2) the signal isolation optocoupler is damaged. There are multiple strong and weak signals between IC integrated circuit and CPU board to be isolated. The damage of isolated optocoupler accounts for a large proportion of component damage in inverter maintenance, so when E6 and E7 alarm occurs, please consider whether these factors are caused by these factors.

(3) the connector is damaged or in poor contact. Due to many times of bending, welding and other reasons, the connecting cable between CPU board and power board is easy to bend. Therefore, if the plug side is used improperly, the pins may bend and break.

This is about the introduction of the abnormal work of the board caused by the maintenance and debugging steps of the industrial computer. Friends who need to know more about the industrial computer equipment can call Shenzhen dispatching industrial control.

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