What is the application field of embedded IPC?

With the development of science and technology and the progress of human civilization, the development of industrial control computer has become more and more promising. Among them, the embedded industrial tablet computer has the biggest development advantage. Embedded industrial tablet is more and more widely used in various industries. As a result, demand is increasing. So what are the main application areas of embedded industrial tablet? Shenzhen paqin will introduce 7 application areas for you.

1. Mobile applications in the power industry

RFID, mobile Internet and other technologies are used to realize the mobile intelligent inspection and inspection functions in power transmission, transformation and distribution, so as to achieve the purpose of lean closed-loop management. (RFID (radio frequency identification, commonly known as 'electronic tag') is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signals. )



2. Petroleum and petrochemical industry

The application of industrial integrated machine adopts RFID technology to realize the automatic, fast and accurate reading of the entry and exit of the exploration collection station, greatly improving the accuracy rate and warehouse management efficiency.

3. Application of government supervision industry

Through RFID, sensor, video monitoring, wireless transmission and other technologies to monitor the flow of fireworks and firecrackers in real time, the use of real-time early warning warehouse, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring and early warning of warehouse, video monitoring and alarm and other functions, reduce the occurrence of safety production accidents.

4. Application of drug management industry

Using RFID technology to realize the construction of information supply platform of drug supply chain, so as to realize the real-time tracking and supervision of drug supply chain. Production, distribution and sale of drugs.

5. Application of environmental protection supervision industry

The application cases of industrial tablet computers in the environmental protection industry are gradually increasing, mainly because the country promotes the real-time monitoring system of pollution sources by promoting full-time automatic all-weather construction. Tens of thousands of signals need to be automatically sent to the main station, and a large number of signals need to be collected, and industrial tablet computers, especially embedded industrial tablet computers, can play a good demonstration effect.

6. Application of logistics industry

The modernization of the logistics system may be beyond many people's imagination. Complete, modern logistics system can almost replace people's work, including code scanning, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other links. Industrial tablet computers have been widely used in it, and there are many successful cases.

7. Application of smart home industry

The embedded industrial tablet can be used as the home service terminal of high-end community to realize intercom, message, cost inquiry, product ordering, home appliance management, etc

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