What are the main applications of industrial tablet computers?

What are the main applications of industrial tablet computers?

With the continuous development of China's maritime, military, high-speed rail and other special industries, the demand of users in special industries is also increasing, and the market space for strengthening computer products, especially 'strengthening industrial tablet computers', will continue to increase. In order to meet the application needs of users, the reinforcement equipment also presents some new development trends.



Field survey and mapping

With the rapid development of the application of computers, ground measuring instruments and digital mapping software, digital mapping gradually replaces the traditional manual mapping methods, and becomes the main mode of mapping operations such as mapping production, water conservancy and hydropower projects and land management. The difficult and harsh working environment of the exploration industry determines that the information management platform must have four requirements: convenient installation in different environments Based on the internal SAP system of PC and the company's integrated network, the equipment must be durable, waterproof and vibration proof; the whole machine can work in a wide temperature range, with the working temperature between - 20-50 ℃. The interface is rich, which can realize the real-time collection of running state and reliable data transmission.

As a result, industrial tablets are used here as appropriate devices. In the field surveying and mapping process, the strengthened tablet computer can be maintained and measured at any time, which can effectively prevent the inevitable problems such as measurement error, missing measurement, retest and rework in the manual surveying and mapping work.


Most wind farms are located in deserts or coasts. In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator in desert, salt fog, vibration, overheating or electrical noise and other harsh environment, the self-protection diagnosis function of the generator is very important, so the field operators will carefully carry out daily inspection. The timeliness of daily inspection is very important. It requires employees to record the operation data and send it to the back-end data center server in time. The back-end data center server analyzes the data and actively monitors the status of the generator system. In the wind farm, the field operators using the enhanced industrial tablet computer can establish a stable and convenient connection with the data center to realize data transmission and communication. This not only reduces the workforce at each duty station, but also saves time and cost.

well drilling

The reliability of computer hardware required by drilling platform is very high, which requires explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant and stable system. The monitoring system usually needs to adopt redundant backup system. The enhanced industrial explosion-proof tablet computer can transmit daily production data and historical generated data to the land production management department through the management LAN of the platform for a period of time, so that the management department can immediately control the production situation of the platform and adjust the future production plan in time.

Food (meat) processing

Some powerful meat processing enterprises are currently deploying information automation systems from various departments, workshops and factories. Considering the relatively harsh environment of meat and poultry production workshops, most of the computers used require water-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof and wide temperature. The embedded enhanced industrial tablet computer has the advantages of compact structure, easy to carry, small space occupation and convenient installation, which is suitable for use in the food production site.


With the development of computer, artificial intelligence, automatic driving and other high technologies. UAV has developed into a platform which can be used for reconnaissance, electronic jamming, battlefield target damage effect evaluation and other purposes. Due to the particularity of UAV application environment, higher requirements are put forward for the computer equipment related to its operation, detection and R & D. The changeable scene environment, complex regional environment and unpredictable emergencies are beyond the control of ordinary computer equipment. The enhanced tablet computer has a variety of highly reliable functions, such as shockproof, compression resistant, anti falling, waterproof, dustproof, anti electromagnetic interference, etc. Each index has reached or exceeded the military standard of our country, and can easily cope with the application of various harsh and complex environments.

Fire control

Firefighters are always in danger. Tens of thousands of people were injured during the rescue. Most of these people were burned in the fire without any cover. If some technology / equipment can work normally in the complex fire environment and report the specific location of the rescue object, many casualties can be reduced. This kind of equipment is undoubtedly a kind of strengthening technology machine. The fire department has been looking for this kind of technical equipment. A device is installed on the fire truck, which can obtain the on-site information in time, command the fire fighters to carry out rescue, and keep in touch with the fire front line.

This set of equipment must be mobile and very solid, and must support the existing wireless equipment; it can also count the use of fire vehicles to the operator; the system also needs to have alarm function and evacuation notice. What's more, if the firefighters can't accept the instructions, they need to be able to communicate directly by radio to ensure the effective progress of rescue. The rugged industrial tablet is undoubtedly the best choice.

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