Common failure causes of industrial tablet computer and corresponding solutions

Common failure causes of industrial tablet computer and corresponding solutions

In the process of field operation, the industrial tablet computer will encounter various failures. The main faults are mainly caused by the following reasons:

First of all, there are many dust particles in the air.

For production enterprises, most of the raw materials need to be processed with micro particles. With the passage of time, a large number of dust or small particles are easy to accumulate in the tablet, resulting in the reduction of heat dissipation, high internal local temperature and hardware damage. This situation mainly occurs around the cooling fan, such as CPU, power supply, hard disk, video card, etc.


Solution: blow dust regularly to remove dust in places with less dust. In the place with serious dust, the dust filter net can be placed at the ventilation place of the tablet computer case. The most important and easiest way is to 'bathe' your tablet on a regular basis.

Secondly, the vibration in the working environment is relatively large.

The vibration caused by the large mechanical equipment in the work will cause great damage to the disk of the industrial tablet computer. In the large amount of data exchange in the automatic control system, the disk running at high speed for a long time is easy to reduce the read-write ability of the disk due to the disk vibration, and the head positioning is slow or even damaged.

Solution: reduce environmental impact and help protect disks.

Third, the voltage fluctuates greatly

Some relatively remote areas are prone to lack of power supply and voltage instability, resulting in frequent restart of tablet computers and easy loss of important system files, thus hindering normal operation.

Solution: the stability of the power supply in the working environment is very important. It needs the protection of the regulated power supply and the uninterruptible power supply.

IV. humidity is too high or too low

Industrial tablet computers are made up of various electronic components. Too high humidity is easy to cause circuit board short circuit and burn. Low humidity is easy to produce static electricity, resulting in damage to electronic components.

Solution: keep workshop humidity above rh60%

V. too high ambient temperature

Tablets are sensitive to ambient temperature. In hot summer, tablet computers are prone to 'crash' and may cause serious hardware damage.

Solution: reduce the ambient temperature of the tablet and ensure the normal operation of the tablet.

These are just some problems in the use of industrial tablet computers. If you encounter problems such as damage and parts damage, you need to find a manufacturer for after-sales maintenance. ...

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