Embedded motherboard manufacturers: the current trend of industrial tablet computers

  Embedded motherboard manufacturers: the current trend of industrial tablet computers

As an indispensable 'role' in the industrial field, the industrial tablet computer is also called industrial computer. The industrial tablet computer needs to be continuously improved to enhance the market competitiveness according to the latest market demand.

Like commercial computers, tablets are usually purchased first by a central processor, which determines the speed of the product. With the development of new technology, the data that tablet computers need to process will be greatly improved. In the future, the central processor of tablet computer will be multi-core to meet the growing demand of data processing.


The display card of tablet computer is divided into integrated type and independent type. It is a buffer for the tablet to run or output images. The early integrated graphics card integrated the display chip on the main board, but now the graphics card is usually integrated in the central processor. Now, the image display clarity of the tablet computer is gradually improving, which will make new changes to its graphics card in the future.

Tablet's memory is a temporary data storage area, which is usually called by software and system files. Although memory also has the function of storing data, it only temporarily stores some data for use by the central processor, so memory is one of the important accessories determining the hardware speed of tablet. At present, tablet's memory is generally the difference between dde3 and DDR4. DDR4 is usually twice as fast as DDR3. DDR4 will become the mainstream in the future.

The hard disk of tablet is the carrier of data storage. The size of the hard disk capacity has little to do with the speed of the tablet. It mainly stores data. Tablet hard disk is divided into solid-state hard disk and mechanical hard disk. Solid state disk is a card strip that can be stored at a faster speed. The disadvantage is that the solid-state disk is damaged and cannot retrieve the entire data. The inside of the mechanical hard disk is like a disk. When the data is lost or deleted by mistake, it can be recovered in some way, but there will be some vibration in the production process, which will damage the mechanical hard disk. Ordinary users will choose SSDs, and if there are particularly important or relatively large files, they will choose mechanical hard disks.

Industrial display screen can be divided into resistance screen and capacitance screen. Capacitive screen has the characteristics of fast response, high precision and multi touch, which becomes the mainstream choice of users.

Embedded motherboard manufacturers think: so far, industrial tablet computers have been developed. With the continuous improvement of users' needs in all aspects, they have got rid of the 'heavy and rigid' image. Today, tablet covers are usually made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy has excellent oxidation resistance and good heat dissipation performance. At the same time, the overall appearance of die casting not only has a sense of industrial technology, but also looks more exquisite and beautiful.

With the continuous update of technology, the change of the basic structure of industrial tablet computer is closely related to the needs of users according to their own needs.

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