How to reinstall the system for industrial tablet

How to reinstall the system for industrial tablet

The actual operation of industrial tablet computer may lead to system poisoning or irreparable system blockage. At this point, the operating system needs to be reinstalled. So, do you know how to reinstall the operating system?


1. Method of panel ghosting system

Applicable to the field: this method is applicable to the tablet computers with normal input of the current operating system. The system has a tablet computer of ghost system (the manufacturing method of ghost system will not be described in this paper, but will be described in detail later). Step: copy the ghost system to a drive letter instead of a drive letter, and then use the ghost restore tool. (many are online, just in the next step), then run the tool, select the ghost file and the recovered disk (usually the default is c), click [OK], and the system restarts the automatic installation.

2. Startup and reinstallation method of tablet U disk system

Application field: this method is applicable to the normal startup and BIOS loading of industrial tablet computers. The operating system can load normally without anything!

Operation steps: prepare a U disk, download the corresponding operating system version from the Internet, and then use the U disk production tools (many online, no less than dozens

You can find it yourself. Each tool is similar. Start the U disk, then insert the U disk into the U disk interface of the industrial tablet computer, restart the machine to enter the installation interface, and finish step by step. After this method is completed, there may be some problems that the driver cannot find. You can contact the vendor to find the hardware driver.

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