What role does industrial computer play in the environment of automatic fire alarm system?

What role does industrial computer play in the environment of automatic fire alarm system?

With the rapid development of urban construction and economic construction, more and more high-rise buildings and public activities appear in front of people. As a result, the risk of fire increases, generating tens of thousands of fires each year.

This has not only brought huge losses to state property and citizens' life and property, but also affected the economic construction and social stability of the country to a certain extent. Therefore, higher and newer requirements are put forward for the fire automatic alarm control system based on prevention.


At present, the central processor of most fire alarm controllers in the market is controlled by single chip microcomputer. MCU is widely used because of its price advantage, simple hardware and convenient maintenance. cheap

However, with the increase of system capacity, the processing speed and processing capacity of single chip microcomputer are obviously insufficient. The software programming of complex system is not only troublesome but also inconvenient to operate. Especially when the alarm plan is to be displayed, the controller cannot be realized and must be equipped with one.

Therefore, the industrial control computer, as the central processor controller, emerges as the times require. It uses Chinese Windows 2000 as the operation platform, uses * language programming to make the controller have good interface and better compatibility, and overcomes the above shortcomings. Bigger, stronger, able to meet market demand.

II. Institutional structure

The basic configuration requirements of the system CPU are: cpupiii, 128 MB memory, 40 g hard disk and 8 MB memory, which can be used by Yanhua industrial computer. The windows 2000 operating system is installed with 12 inch thin film transistor HD true color flat panel display, leaving two universal serial bus ports, a network port and a parallel port.

Using a thermal micro printer, * the average current does not exceed 115 amps.

According to the user's requirements, you can also use the touch screen and operation keyboard.

2. Serial port expansion slot

The c104h ö PCI multi port serial card of AI Rong in Taiwan can be used to expand the system to four standard RS232 serial ports, among which one, two and three are used to connect the loop. Communication card No. 4 is used to connect peripheral communication cards.

3. Circular communication card

The function of the loop communication card is to manage 32 circuit boards downward and complete the status scanning (normal, fire, fault, linkage) of each circuit board. stay

The bidirectional data exchange RS232 communication is realized on the circuit board, which is used for RS485 communication between the circuit board and the circuit board.

4. Peripheral communication card

The functions of the peripheral communication card are audio board, relay card, manual control panel and ground relay. Except that the sound card must be a body, the rest are optional, among which * more than 16 relay cards, 16 manual control panels, 64 layer relays, RS485 communication between them; RS232 communication is used for upward and bidirectional data transmission.

5. Circuit board

The function of the circuit board is to complete the data acquisition of all detectors and modules connected with the circuit, and carry out preliminary data processing. At the same time, the circuit board receives the control output command from the central processor and sends it to each module on site. Each circuit board can connect 128 public addressing units or 198 intelligent addressing units.

6. Audio board

The function of sound card is to realize fire alarm, fault sound and light alarm and early warning, monitor the operation status of main and standby power supply of power board, and manage them. The main fire alarm relay is set in the system and is programmable.

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