Application of 5206 industrial control machine in financial field

Industry introduction

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, high-tech has been adopted by banks to improve the safety and convenience of financial services. After the withdrawal without card and consumption without card, the self-service card issuing machine of Bank of communications has made the electronic and paperless process of financial industry a step further. The bank multi-functional self-service card issuing machine is to meet the business needs of customers opening accounts in self-service banks, solve the bottleneck of the development of new account opening in self-service banks, expand the number of customers' self-service card issuing equipment, and use it in the bank lobby and self-service banks, which greatly alleviates the problem of new account queuing. The bank multi-functional self-service card issuing machine supports Card issuing with account opening enables customers to open accounts with certificates on self-service equipment, which also inherits the functions of traditional bank self-service equipment, such as balance query, details query, transfer, password modification, various intermediary businesses, etc

Industrial computer system requirements

Low power consumption, good heat dissipation effect, fast processing speed.

Anti virus function to ensure a safe system working environment.

Users can easily expand the system.

Self reset in case of danger to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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