Values: persistence - customers second, employees second, shareholders third.

Enterprise mission: to support the rapid growth of suppliers, create an excellent life for employees, and serve every customer well.

Xinchuang cloud adheres to the principle of 'technology as the guide, quality as the guarantee, and building an ecological IT business' The concept of cloud terminal is to focus on the advantages of terminal technology, and to research and develop the cloud terminal computer and peripheral equipment with economy, energy saving, stability, security, simplicity and speed.

We firmly believe that it is not enough for an enterprise to be bigger and stronger, only to repay customers, partners, employees, shareholders and the society in material terms, but also to create a core concept that people believe in and abide by. It is these concepts that make the new cloud people not only a benefit group, but also an ideological, cultural and dynamic group.

Integrity: integrity is the foundation of the company, and every new cloud person takes integrity as the criterion.

Initiative: initiative is the basic principle for us to do things. Only by being proactive can we move our business forward.

Cooperation: all success is the success of cooperation, and all failure is the failure of cooperation. No matter how difficult it is, we should stick to cooperation.

Innovation: only by taking the lead and creating new systems, new products, new markets and new situations that overwhelm competitors can an enterprise be invincible.

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